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Aug 28, 2012  The four encounter a mysterious character, Moundshroud who takes them on a magical journey that sweeps them back as far as 4, 000 years and touches down in exotic The Halloween Tree is a Daytime Emmy Awardwinning 1993 featurelength animated fantasydrama television movie produced by HannaBarbera based on Ray Bradbury's 1972 fantasy novel of the same name.

The film tells the story of a group of trickortreating children who learn about the origins and influences of Halloween when one of the halloween tree ray bradbury illustration Find this Pin and more on mr. moundshroud by mary johnson. Joseph Mugnaini illustration for Ray Bradburys The Halloween Tree If youre ever wondering what to read on Halloween, this is the book. The Halloween Tree (film). 2. 2K likes. The Halloween Tree is a 1993 animated fantasydrama television movie produced by HannaBarbera and based on Ray The Halloween Tree is clearly a huge source of inspiration for many modern favorites such as The Nightmare Before Christmas so this film provides some pedigree for modern works.

4. It is a fantastic history and humanities lesson while being entertaining. Nov 01, 1997 The imagery is thrilling and beautiful as you travel around the world learning how Halloween came to be and how this very popular holiday was and is celebrated. Leonard Nimoy gives an outstanding performance as the spooky, and eccentric tour guide, Moundshroud. The Halloween Tree is an animated television special produced by HannaBarbera in 1993.

It was based on the children's book by Ray Bradbury. The narrator (Ray Bradbury) describes one small town's preparations for Halloween night.

The cartoon ends with Moundshroud disappearing into a pumpkin that looks like him on the Halloween tree cartoon moundshroud Tree. A strong wind carries away all the pumpkins from the tree, except for the one which looks like Pip, which stays in front of his house. The Halloween Tree is a 1972 fantasy novel by American author Ray Bradbury, which traces the history of Samhain and Halloween.

The Halloween Tree is designated a monaural soundtrack on the sleeve but the Dolby 2. 0 track sure sounds like it has more depth to it than that to me. Its nothing a banshee could really scream about but it does the job, and Debneys lush, fully orchestral score certainly sounds nice and wide. THE HALLOWEEN TREE is as classic a Halloween story as A CHRISTMAS CAROL is for Christmas.

It is about a group of boys, all friends, ages 1112, who dress up for their annual night of Halloween mischief and go trick or treating. Oct 30, 1993 The Halloween Tree by Big Cartoon DataBase is licensed under a Creative Commons 4. 0 International License. Please help support BCDB with a donation or a subscription to the website.

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